Booking A Tour Means Music Promotion And Selling Songs

Upload Your Music – Sounds simple enough, but its still a widely overlooked and neglected idea by some musicians. If you aren’t uploading your music because you don’t know how, then find somebody who does. Its not hard and its not expensive. There are many sites where you can do this for free and use their tools. If you can use a computer you can upload your music. Get on it!

You’ve got your demos ready so now what? Well you could start by using free online music promotion websites such as MySpace to host your music and gain a fanbase. The more people that hear your music the better. You could also put up music videos on YouTube or send demos to major record companies.

Twitter and Facebook have recently become the new myspace for getting the word out to masses of people at once but how much time do we have to work on each and make sure we have the people on there that matter?

Ok, now you know why you can not see an option to turn off Genius when you click on the Store menu in iTunes. To turn the iTunes Genius off, you must turn the iTunes Match off firstly. This won’t the artists and songs you already uploaded to your iTunes Match account, but you won’t be able to access it again until you turn the iTunes Match back on. Re-connecting to iTunes Match need some time and your iTunes library will receive some new information.

With the increase in bootlegging in the music industry, many artists are now taking it upon themselves to distribute their own CD’s. If you want to be apart of the group, your going to need to know 2 things, one, it’s not easy work, and two, you have to vision your goal ahead of time.

You can add plays and views and get on the Myspace charts. This will get labels and booking agents to take notice of you. In addition fans will see that you are popular and a viral effect will happen getting you even more loyal fans packing your show and buying your music.

Every artist or band needs a YouTube channel. Upload all of your footage there. Get someone to take a video camera and record every single gig. Even take videos of your jamming or practice sessions – people the world over will be interested and it will help to build the brand.

For top-notch Music Distribution to help you sell music online and could also help you get a headstart in music promotion, choose a digital music distribution partner that has a reach of over 750 retailers and mobile partners across 100 countries.

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Booking A Tour Means Music Promotion And Selling Songs

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