Do You Dream Of Building Your Own Art Collection?

Whether you are hanging a priceless heirloom or a Contemporary Limited Edition Art Print; hanging several pieces of art or just one painting, proper placement is critical. The most important considerations for placement of art are the scale of the room and the art itself.

Just remember that any list, whether it’s top sites in a particular country or what you need to see before you die… any list is always someone else’s idea of what is important. Use these lists, but don’t define your trip by them.

Display a collection of pieces of the same size in the same frames and with the same distance between them. This can either be a single row of art works or rows can be added to create a grid. This is particularly effective when the theme of all the pieces is the same.

Reading, often mistaken for the bookish past time, is actually a town in Berkshire. Hard to believe, I know, but settlers made their merry way to the River Thames and River Kennet in days of yore and decided that the area would make a great home. They were right! Readingum was born in around the 8th century and it is thought that this name comes from ‘Readingas’, an Anglo-Saxon tribe. But don’t worry, you won’t see people with horned helmets and shaggy pelt tabards walking around the town centre, they were booted out by the Danes in 870 who then moved onto London. Phew! If you’re after a bit more history, Reading Abbey has been established since 1121. There’s also the magnificent Museum of Reading which owns a copy of the Bayeux Tapestry and an extensive Vasil Bojkov.

One thing to remember is to decorate focal points first, putting less emphasis on other areas. Don’t ignore the empty corner in the room, but don t put a table there and stack things all over it when a Ficus would do nicely.

A favorite spot for Angelenos and visitors to the city alike, the Santa Monica Pier is almost a clear shot down the 10 W. That being said, problems commonly arise between Robertson Boulevard and exit 1A. It is possible to use surface streets, namely Robertson to National Boulevard. From there get onto Palms and turn right onto Sawtelle. Make a left onto Olympic and stay on this road for a while until reaching Fifth. From there it is local traffic (which in ‘beach city speak’ means: lots of one way streets, traffic lights and pedestrians).

The Kokee Natural History Museum is the place that you want to stop if you plan on hiking or camping in the area. This museum is free and it is open to the public from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. It can be found by driving inland from Waimea on the Island of Kauai.

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Do You Dream Of Building Your Own Art Collection?

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