Get Your Goals Going In High Gear

Would you give more money to charity? Invest your earnings in building something BIGGER? Or maybe you’d simply be “happy” and grateful for everything you have already?

Individuals are not perfect. Some who excel in their professional life absolutely “suck” in their relationships or lack the social graces to make them friends and develop concrete relationships. There is no cause for shame. It is just the way life is developing. This does not mean we cannot change the way life is flowing. We can improve on the areas of life that are not living up to what we want, deserve or crave. With the help of a london life coach, e can address and improve upon our weaker areas. We can increase our sense of self-awareness and move forward. We can learn how to tackle the problem in a way that will benefit our understanding and improve the situation. We can work towards a goal of improved relationships, better time management or a more successful career.

life coaching is typically done via telephone, so it does not require any travel time or expenses for you. One of the cornerstones of good coaching is that the coach holds the perspective that the client is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. Among other things, a good coach will listen very closely to you, craft meaningful questions, and suggest “homework” between sessions that will lead you to discover your own answers. Questions are just the beginning of your journey. Do not let them be a stopping point for you. Let them be a launching point for creativity and positive changes in your life.

9) Always treat people well as it may be them who later on have to make a decision regarding you and your achievements. They may have ambition as well and if they manage to get ahead first their viewpoint will be more important than yours.

You don’t slide your debit card and enter your ID number at the grocery store until you’ve argued about the prices, until you’ve searched your purse for an expired coupon, until the clerk sends someone clear to the back of the store to find an item not in stock anymore.

Let me start by giving you a simple piece of logic. People earning $40,000/year will pay over $200 on marketing and health products online. What if people are earning ten times that? Or 50 times? You can add a zero to that $100 and double it, and you can sell them a $10,000 program just as easily as the rest of us a $200 program. So the first lesson is that high ticket to one person is average to another.

Do you have something SPECIAL, something important for you to change? If you want to speed up your success rate, then I’d like to help you do it with a special 1-on-1 personal ” Get a life you want ” coaching session via Skype where we’ll work together to…

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Get Your Goals Going In High Gear

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